Love is in the air…!!!

It’s the time of the year, when we want to pamper our beloved the most. On Valentine’s Day , couples plan something special to make the day a memorable one. Be it showering our Valentine with gifts or going for an intimate dinner date. A romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, is all it takes to create a strong bond in a relationship.

Everyone wants to spring the best surprise on their loved one. And these days it’s not about how much it costs, but how unique is your idea! So, we have come up with a list of fun and romantic, yet out of the box ideas on how to best celebrate this day. And yes, we have kept your budget in mind too!

Valentine’s Day Special (Under $100):

  1. Knock them Down:

Pump up the jam with glowing lights, luminous balls and pins together with some disco music. Yes, we are talking about cosmic bowling! Orchid bowl outlets have created a glow in the dark atmosphere for you to get romantic with your Valentine’s date.

ten pin bowling


  1. Get in the Groove:

Dance the night away to spicy Latin American tunes with your Valentine. Book a session of Salsa and get into the sensuous mood on the beat of bongos.

Salsa dancing


  1. Ride into the Sunset:

If you are into outdoor activity, why not try a horseback ride on Valentine’s Day. Situated at Pasir Ris, long trail provides ample opportunity for a romantic talk amidst nature.

Horse riding


  1. Go Green:

Why not plan a romantic picnic amidst the lush greenery of Botanic Gardens. Pack a picnic basket with a bottle of champagne, some cheese and crackers. Create a playlist with romantic songs and watch the starts lying on your picnic mat.

romantic picnic


  1. Celebrate Love by the Beach:

A breezy evening by the sea will add more romance to your dinner date. Celebrate your love by heading to S andBank. They have special 4-course meal for this Valentine’s Day, which includes oysters. And we all know, oysters are an aphrodisiac. For a perfect ending try or shall we say smear the chocolate paradise cake and lick it off each other.

Valentine’s dining

For Your Valentine (Between $100-$300):


  1. Dorn the Apron:

What can be better than cooking with your loved one by your side! This Valentine’s Day, Cori ander Leaf offers a 7-course cooking class. So, take this opportunity to enroll yourself for this class. As, they say “Couples who cook together stays together”.


  1. Scent of Attraction:

We all know there is a strong connection between scent and sexual attraction. So this Valentine’s Day created a special perfume unique for each other. At  Jetaime Perfumery, couples will be asked few questions. Then they will create an exclusive fragrance for you and your loved one. Each couple will get around 210 ml of their own personal fragrance with your own unique formula!


  1. Paint your Love:

If you like working with you”h ands” then why not showcase your artistic side on a canvas. Tea lounge Arteastiq offers this therapeutic experience while savouring a variety of teas . Bring out the inner Picasso out from you while sipping on some gourmet tea with your loved one. It is a quiet activity for couple looking to spend some quality time together.


  1. Dine with a View:

Take your loved one for a 5 course meal at 1919 WaterboatHouse. Soak into the panoramic view of MBS and the surrounding Heritage buildings. End the dinner date with Valentine’s Day special with a delicately plated Mon Cheri – a luxurious chocolate ganache served on a bed of Italian zabaglione and topped with caramelised banana, liquid passion fruit, and c andied ginger.


  1. Hire a Private Chef:

In the comforts of your own home, enjoy a private dinner for you and your loved one. So, hire a private chef this Valentine’s Day. Let the chef prepare dinner for you two, while you can gaze into each other’s eyes or simply enjoy a romantic movie at home. Club Vivre offers ample options from various cuisines for a 3-course meal. Depending on your favourite food, you can select your menu.

Indulge with your Valentine (Price No Bar):

  1. The Ultimate Relaxation:

Pamper you and your loved one at the six-times Forbes Five-Star Auriga Spa, Capella. Enjoy a rose scrub body massage, a romantic c andle-lit bath followed by cocktails at Bob’s Bar. Also, the packages offer an afternoon’s tea at Chef’s Table.


  1. Wind beneath your Wings:

One does not get to see the skyline of Singapore from helicopter every day. So, this Valentine’s Day book 30 min rides for you and your loved one. You will fly above the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, CBD, Northern coastline, Southern Isl ands and much more, while the pilot gives you a live commentary via the stereo headsets.


  1. Top of the World:

Surprise your loved one by taking them to a sky-high dinning experience at the Equinox. Indulge into the five or six course dinner the restaurant offers. End the dinner with on a sweet note by savouring Elderflower Jelly with Peach Ice. You will also take home a box of pralines.

dine on top of world


  1. Romance by the Bay:

Pamper your loved one by a luxurious stay at the Fullerton Hotel. The room will have rose petals strewn across the bed and bubble bath for the tub. There will be a complimentary bottle of wine or sparkling juice to get the romance flowing. This offer also includes – an intimate in-room 4-course meal just for the two of you. Next morning, linger over a complimentary breakfast for two at Town restaurant for the perfect finish to your lovely little celebration.


  1. Eat-Swim-Drink-Repeat:

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city enjoy a luxurious stay at the W Hotels, Sentosa Cove. This Valentine’s Day the hotel offers an exclusive glamping option for just 8 couples. Enjoy the night by gazing into the stars with a meal prepared by the hotel’s chef. You can go for a dip at the iconic WET pool or go for a long romantic walk along the cove. Don’t miss enjoying some Instagram worthy cocktails at the Woo Bar.


  1. Why not kick start the day and pamper your loved one with a chauffeur driven limousine pickup to your favourite Valentine’s day spot. You can throw in a surprise with sparkling champagne and a bouquet of red roses to make Valentine’s Day truly memorable.


  1. You can also go for a movie night at Screening Room. The place is screening some romantic movies at their boutique theatre. So, cuddle with your loved one and enjoy an evening of romance.


Hope these suggestions help you add sparkle (without breaking your bank) to your Valentine’s Day celebrations . Do share, if you tried any of our ideas or if you have some interesting suggestions of your own, in the comment section below.


Author Bio:

Author Gauri

Gaurangi Verma is a freelance Content Writer residing in Singapore with her husb and. She is an avid reader and a Netflix junkie. Originally from Dehradun, India, she misses the cool and breezy mornings of her home-town.



Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day as we all know, is celebrated on the 14th of February around the world. Romanticism in movies and marketing promotions by leading global br ands have made it an integral part of our life. And celebrations start from a week before the D day.

Today, Valentine’s Day is multi-billion dollar industry. Just on this day, over 1 billion cards are purchased. Making it, the second largest card-sending day after Christmas.

valentine's day card

February the “month of celebration of love”……

There are many legendary stories related to this day. One belief is, it began in ancient Rome, where Emperor Claudius felt that single men will become better soldiers. As they will not have any distraction from their wife and children. So, he prohibited men from marrying, but Saint Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies for lovers in secret. But when Claudius discovered this, he immediately ordered his execution. Thus, Saint Valentine was martyred.

Valentine’s Day today is celebrated with much gusto, where couples spend hundreds, even thous ands of dollars on dinning out, giving flowers and gifts or even taking short holidays overseas to show how much they love each other!

But not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in the same way. So, let’s look at 10 strangest Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.


  1. South Korea

In South Korea, people celebrate Valentine’s day month i.e. on 14th February then 14th March and on 14th April. The difference is that on 14th February women give gifts to their men. But on 14th March it’s the men who surprise women by giving them gifts. But on 14th April all the singles women and men mourn their lone status by eating a bowl of “jajangmyeon”, or black bean – paste noodles!!!

  1. China

Legendary story China

In China, there is a legendary story of Zhinu, daughter of heavenly king and Niulang, a poor cowherd. They both fell in love, got married and had twins. When the King came to know about this affair, he sends the Queen to bring Zhinu back. But Niulang and the children cried their hearts out on hearing this. So, the King allowed them to meet once a year on Qixi. Qixi is equivalent to Valentine’s Day in China. It falls on the seventh day on the seventh lunar calendar, each year. During Qixi, single women offer melons and other fruits to Zhinu, hoping to find a good husb and. Couples go to the temple to pray for happiness and prosperity.

  1. Philippines

mass-wedding Philippines

Philippines shares the same traditions as westerners on Valentine’s day like exchanging gifts and cards. But recently Filipinos have started getting married on 14th February. Mass weddings take place on Valentine’s day. Also, married couples choose to renew their vows on this day.

  1. Taiwan

People in Taiwan celebrate the festival of love twice a year i.e. on 14th February and 7th July. Giving flowers to your beloved is very important in Taiwan. Red roses are preferred over other flowers. Number of red roses given to your beloved are significant. For example, one red rose means “an only love”, while eleven roses mean “a favourite”. Larger the number of red roses, better it is. Ninety-nine roses mean “forever”, while one hundred and eight roses mean “Marry Me”.

  1. Denmark

    Gaekkebrev- Denmark

Danish people have started celebrating Valentine’s day recently, from 1990’s. They have twisted the traditional a little bit. Instead of giving fresh roses to their Valentine, instead, they give pressed white flower called snowdrop. Also, on Valentine’s day men give women “gaekkebrev”, a joking letter consist of funny rhyme or poem on intricately cut paper. Also, they sign the paper with some dots. If the woman is successful in guessing the sender of the letter, she receives an Easter egg later that year.

  1. France

France is considered as one of the most romantic countries in the world. On Valentine’s Day, men and women go to the houses that face each other. Then they call out to each other turn by turn, thus pairing themselves. If the man is not happy with his match, he can leave the woman for another one. All the unmatched women gather together and start a bonfire. In this, they throw photographs of the men who left them. Also, cursing and insulting them. This tradition became so popular and uncontrollable that French Government had to ban it.

  1.   Italy

Italy - walk with beloved

In ancient Italy, Valentine’s day was celebrated as Spring Festival. Young people gathered outside, enjoying poetry and music and then taking their beloved for a walk. In another tradition, single girls used to get up early before dawn and try to spot their future husb and. And the first man they see after waking up, should be the one they get married within a year. If that’s not possible then at least the future husb and should bear a resemblance to that person. Creepy!

  1. Wales

The Welsh people celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers on 25th January. The Welsh men carved patterns and symbols on a wooden spoon. These intricately designed spoons are given to the women they love. The patterns and symbols carved on these spoons bear a significance. Few examples are horseshoes, which st and for good luck; wheels, which symbolise support; and keys, which symbolise the keys to a man’s heart. Nowadays, these carved wooden spoons are also given as a gift on auspicious occasions like wedding, anniversary, and births.

  1. South Africa

South Africa - heart on sleeve

Like the Americans, people in South Africa exchanges cards and gifts on Valentine’s day. But in some part of the country, the women literary “wear their heart on the sleeve”. They write the name of their love interest in a heart shaped paper and pin it on the sleeves. This way the men come to know who their lover or secret admirer is.

  1. Brazil

Brazil Valentine’s Day

The Brazilians celebrate their own version of Valentine’s day on 12th June known as Dia dos Namorados”, or Lover’s Day. People usually exchange cards and gifts on this day. In addition to that, they also have dinner with their friends and relatives. In some parts of the country, the women perform “sympathies ritual. Hoping that Saint Anthony, a patron saint of marriage, will find them a husb and.

Last Words….

No matter which country or culture, message of Valentine’s day is to spread love.

So, tell us which Valentine’s day tradition you liked the most? And feel free to comment on your idea of celebrating Valentine’s day.

Author Bio:

Author Gauri

Gaurangi Verma  is a freelance Content Writer residing in Singapore with her husb and. She is an avid reader and a Netflix junkie. Originally from Dehradun, India, she misses the cool and breezy mornings of her home-town.


CNY Rooster

Chinese New Year (CNY) symbolises the beginning of spring, as per Chinese Lunar calendar. An animal represents each year as per Chinese zodiac. There is a total of 12 animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, respectively. This year is celebrated as the year of Rooster.

CNY Rooster



Chinese celebrates CNY all over the world irrespective of their religion or dialect. However, each ethnic group can have their own customs and traditions. Here are some interesting facts, myths, and traditions to know about CNY.

How is CNY celebrated?

CNY is all about family time. Authentically, only the family members are invited to the reuniondinner on CNY’s eve. The next two days are spent in visiting extended family members or inviting relatives and exchanging gifts.

What to gift on CNY?

If you are invited by your Chinese friends for dinner, try to gift the items in even numbers. As in Chinese Culture, even number signifies happy occasions, while odd represents unhappy occasions. Traditionally, fruits like oranges, tangerines and kumquats are appreciated because of their warm colour. Plants can also be a gifting option, but that has to be chosen correctly. Cactuses are a big no-no, while flowering plants like peach, sunflower, chrysanthemum are welcomed!

cny gift

Another gifting ideas can consist of traditional Chinese food items like bak kwa, prawn cracker roll, pineapple tarts, peanut cookies. And don’t forget to wish them “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (if you are in Singapore, M andarin) or “Kung Hei Fat Choi” (if you are in Hong Kong, Cantonese)

What to wear?

Red is far most the favourite colour of the season. Other colours like orange, yellow can be worn. Colours like black and brown should not be worn as they symbolise death.

cny clothes

What is “Ang Bao” or “Lai See”?

Ang Bao is the red envelope that contains money, generally h anded to children by their parents, gr andparents, or relatives. If you are married, then it is customary to give Ang Bao. But if you are single then you are not expected to give Ang Bao.

The money given is generally in the denominations of 8, as it is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. While number 4 is completely avoided as it is considered an extremely bad luck.

cny hongbao

“Lai See” is the Cantonese term of “Ang Bao” in Hong Kong. Similarly, like “Ang Bao” married couple are expected to give. Managers give “Lai See” to the employees. If you are living in an apartment, then it is encouraged to give “Lai See” to the security guard, door man or cleaners.

Depending upon the closeness with the person the amount of “Lai See” is decided.

Generally, SGD$20 “Lai See” is acceptable to give to the doorman, security guard or cleaners. For young kids, below 10 years old, SGD$10 is a good amount. Ang Bao

Tips: Always prefer crisp bank notes to give “Ang Bao” or “Lai See”. And avoid coins.


What to eat during CNY?

Apart from eating oranges, pineapples, and steamboat dishes, “Yusheng” is the most significant dish consumed during CNY. It is a raw fish salad serves as an appetiser. On the 7th day of CNY, family members gather around the table and start tossing the “Yusheng” while st anding and exclaiming prosperous wishes. Higher the salad is tossed higher will be the chances of prosperity in the coming year.

cny food

Do and Don’t Chinese follow during CNY!

The doors and windows are open at the midnight which means the old year to go and the new year to come. It is highly encouraged to begin your meal with eating something sweet as it symbolises a good start of the new year.

During CNY holidays sweeping and cleaning of the house is strictly forbidden as it is believed that the trash will take away the good luck and money. Borrowing money is avoided during CNY, as it is believed that throughout the year you will have money trouble. Porridge is termed as “poor man’s breakfast”, so consuming porridge during CNY is considered as a bad luck for the coming year.


Events to attend during CNY!


Expats living in Singapore can have a gala time during CNY, as there are numerous events lined up during this season. One can visit Chinatown area and can witness the stupendous decorations and performances by local and international artists. On the 11th day of CNY, one can witness the Chingay Parade, that highlights artist performing fireworks and astonishing floats during the parade.

Gardens by the Bay, have put on display in the Flower dome- dahlias and begonias in the auspicious shades of red and yellow. Not only this, one of the largest LED Phoenix will make its debut appearance in Singapore at Gardens by the Bay.

Esplanades theatre is geared up for Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts. The famous Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s dream” (Chinese Adaptation) will be performed here. One can groove to the beats of Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin. Special play for kids will also be the highlight of “Huayi”. There will be plenty of music, dance, visual arts, and workshops lined up at the theatre.

Keeping in mind the festivities around CNY, the malls will remain open a little longer than the usual timings.


Hong Kong

CNY celebration in Hong Kong is one of the most spectacular celebration one can witness. Hong Kong’s fireworks over Victoria Harbor is one of the best firework display of the world. This breath-taking show lasts for approximately 23minutes. The best place to catch this show is from Tsim Sha Tsui side with Victoria Peak and Central Skyline in the background.

hongkong marching b and

All over Hong Kong the streets are decorated with Chinese traditional decorations. The festivities consist of music show by local and international artists. Also, there are food festivals to look forward to.


Hong Kong’s CNY festivities is incomplete without mentioning the parade that has lively dragons, marching b ands, acrobats, traditional Chinese dancers, and international troupes from all over the world.

Traveling Tip

Expats living in Singapore and Hong Kong have several avenues to immerse into the culture and experience Chinese New Year. However, many of us sometimes take advantage of the long holiday season. And plan family trips around South East Asia. During this time of the year the beaches of South East Asia offers best time for water activities. But travelling to China during CNY should be avoided at all cost. As workers go back to their family during CNY, so there is always a mad rush at the airports and train stations.

cny rooster

So wherever you are celebration the auspicious new year, put on your best red dress and revel in the festivities.

Here’s wishing  Gong Xi Fa Cai to my friends in Singapore!

And Kung Hey Fat Cho to my friends in Hong Kong!


Author Bio:

Author Gauri

Gaurangi Verma  is a freelance Content Writer residing in Singapore with her husb and. She is an avid reader and a Netflix junkie. Originally from Dehradun, India, she misses the cool and breezy mornings of her home-town.




Each year people celebrate the arrival of New Year in their own unique traditions. Whilst many of us celebrate by drinking champagne, dancing, and kissing our loved ones when the clock strikes midnight. Some cultures around the world have peculiar and almost weird ways of celebrating it. On this occasion let’s look at a few of these traditions:

1. Japanese Traditions: Ring bells 108 times

On the eve of New Year, Buddhist temples in Japan ring their bells 108 times to welcome the New Year’s God, “Toshigami”, as it is believed that this will bring good luck and cleanness to them.

traditions in Japan

2. Philippines Traditions: Round shape represents wealth & prosperity

In Philippines people believe in money so much that they wear and eat things that represent round shape i.e. coins. So, they wear polka dots clothing during this time. Eat round fruits like grapes, oranges, watermelon, etc.. They prepare 12 round fruits, one for each month of the coming New Year to bring wealth and prosperity.

traditions in Philippines

3. Chinese Traditions: Red is the auspicious colour

In countries like Singapore, China & Hong Kong  the New Year is celebrated not on 1st January, but they celebrate on the 1st day of Chinese Lunar calendar. On this day, they only wear red colour clothes (including underwear!) and burn fire crackers as they believe that this will drive the evil away. Also fruits like pineapple and orange are associated with good luck and prosperity so one can find these fruits as gifts and in decorative items.

traditions in singapore china

4. Greek Traditions: Hanging bunch of onions

In  Greece  people hang bunch of onions, or “kremmida” on their door on New Year’s Eve as a symbol of rebirth in the coming year. Then, the following morning, parents traditionally tap their children on their head with the onion to wake them up before church.

traditions in Greece

5. Danish Traditions: Shattering dishes assures more friends

In Denmark   people specially prepare a dessert known as “Kransekage” and eat it with their loved ones. Also, they save all their unused dishes and plates until the 31st of December and then they shatter them against the doors. Assuring that they will have many friends in the coming year. In addition to this people climb on top of chairs and literally “jump” into the New Year to bring good luck.

traditions in Denmark

6. Spanish Traditions: Eating 12 grapes is the key to good luck

In Spain  it is auspicious to eat 12 grapes at each strike of the clock while making a wish. These are supposed to bring good luck to the person. It says when in 1895 vine farmers had a surplus of grapes they started the tradition to get more customers.

Traditions in Spain

7. Irish Traditions: Kiss under the Mistletoe

In Irel and  single women places a sprig of mistletoe under their pillows on New Year’s night hoping for a good luck and a future husb and. It is believed that after 31st — if the visitor is a tall, darkly h andsome man, he will bring fortune to you but if it is a red-headed woman, then it is a sign of trouble! Also, Irish people hit the walls with bread to get rid of evil spirits.

Traditions in Irel and

8. Argentinian Traditions: Carry suitcase for more travel

In Argentina , people eat beans before the clock strikes midnight to bring good luck for their career. They also carry a suitcase around the house in hope for more travel in the year to come.

Traditions in Argentina

9. Ecuadorian Traditions: Burn dummies 

In Ecuador  people burn thous ands of life-size dummies representing their misfortunes from the past year. These effigies are made from newspapers and pieces of wood. At midnight, everyone gathers outside their homes to burn the dummies together.

Traditions in Equador

10. Belarusian Traditions: Rooster picking corn

Single ladies in Belarus, play a game on NYE where a pile of corn is placed in front of them. A rooster is released to see which pile he picks the corn from. And that girl from he does, is the first one to get married next year. As they say, if a rooster has chosen you, so will an sensible man!

Belarus Traditions

The world is full of various unique traditions, believes and superstitions. Every year we pray in our own way for health, wealth, and prosperity in the coming year. On that note, wishing you a Happy New Year !!

Want to fly for FREE to any of these destinations??? 



Author Bio:

Author Gauri


Gaurangi Verma  is a freelance Content Writer residing in Singapore with her husb and. She is an avid reader and a Netflix junkie. Originally from Dehradun, India, she misses the cool and breezy mornings of her home-town.


Halloween today is becoming one of the most celebrated festivals around the world. It’s popular with both young and the old. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Halloween. You can also catch some of the festivities happening right here in Singapore.

  download A full moon on Halloween is extremely rare!

Though it is a common trope in horror movies and Halloween decorations with witches flying across the full moon, however the next full moon on Halloween won’t occur until 2020. The most recent Halloween full moon was back in 2001, and before that it was in 1955.


Photo Credit:

download Halloween is still the Wiccan New Year!

Halloween originates from a Celtic tradition called Samhain, a festival that marked the end of the Celtic calendar year in Irel and, Scotl and, and the Isle of Man. They believed it was a time that spirits or fairies could enter our world, and the Celts would put out treats and food to placate the spirits — sometimes, a place at the table was even set for the souls of the dead. Wiccans still celebrate Samhain as a New Year celebration today.


Photo Credit: Leon Neal, AFP/Getty Images

download Dressing up on Halloween comes from the Celts!

Celts believed Samhain was a time when the wall between our world and the paranormal world was porous and spirits could get through. Because of this belief, it was common for the Celts to wear costumes and masks during the festival to ward off or befuddle any evil spirits.


Photo Credit: halloweencostumes2016

download Black Cats Aren’t Safe On Halloween!

Because black cats are associated with witches and are considered bad luck, they are actually really not safe on Halloween. Many shelters won’t even let black cats be adopted around Halloween because they are so worried about people will take black cats to torture or sacrifice them.


Photo Credit: Special Day Celebrations

download Owls Are A Halloween Image Because They’re Associated With Witches!

Owls are another animal that are usually associated with Halloween. This is because that in Medieval Europe, people thought owls were witches. Hearing an owl’s call meant that someone was going to die. Spooky! And perfect for Halloween.


Photo Credit: ShutterStock

download Forms Of Trick-Or-Treating Have Been Around Since Medieval Times !

Different versions of trick-or-treating have been around since medieval times. It used to be called “guising” or “souling,” and it was when children and poor adults went around in costumes on Halloween begging for food and money in exchange for songs and prayers. It was brought to America by the Irish in the early 20th century, but became less popular during WWII when sugar was rationed. However, in 1947, children’s magazines, a radio program and the Peanuts comic strip made the tradition popular again, and by 1952, it became trick-or-treating as we know it now


Source: ctpost

download There’s A Reason Orange and Black Are Halloween Colors!

We all associate orange and black with Halloween – it’s impossible to see that combination and NOT think of spooky things. Wondering why? Orange is associated with the fall harvest, and black is associated with darkness and death. Put them together, and you’ve got Halloween!


Source: gurl

download Seeing A Spider On Halloween Means Something!

Don’t be scared if you see a spider on Halloween! Okay, maybe be scared because although this is sweet, it’s also a little creepy. According to legend, seeing a spider on Halloween means that the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.

Photo Credit: ShutterStock

download Jack-o’-lanterns were once made out of turnips, beets and potatoes — not pumpkins!

The jack-o’-lantern comes from an old Irish tale about a man named Stingy Jack. According to folklore, Stingy Jack was out getting sloshed with the devil when Jack convinced his drinking partner to turn himself into a coin to pay for the drinks without spending money. Jack then put the devil, shaped like a coin, into his pocket, which also contained a silver cross that kept the Devil from transforming back.

He promised to free the devil as long as the devil wouldn’t bother him for a year. And and if he died, the Devil could never claim his soul. Jack tricked the devil again later, getting him to pick a piece of fruit out of a tree and then carving a cross into the bark when the devil was in the branches. This trick bought Jack another 10 years of devil-free living.

When Jack finally died, God decided he wasn’t fit for heaven, but the devil had promised never to claim his soul for hell. So Jack was sent off to roam Earth with only a burning coal for light. He put the coal into a turnip as a lantern, and Stingy Jack became “Jack of the Lantern” or “Jack o’ Lantern.” Based on this myth, the Irish carved scary faces into turnips, beets and potatoes to scare away Stingy Jack or any other spirits of the night.


Photo Credit: WikiCommons

download Halloween used to be a great day to find your soulmate!

In some parts of Irel and, people celebrated Halloween by playing romantic fortune-telling games, according to Nicholas Rogers’ “Halloween: From Pagan Ritual To Party Night.” These games allegedly predicted who they’d marry, and when. Since Halloween, like Valentine’s Day, was one of the main celebrations of the year where young people could mingle with the opposite sex.

Gilar Farm, Snowdonia, North Wales. A couple hold carved  and illuminated pumpkins at Halloween.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Something Wicked This Way Comes: GET SPOOKY IN SINGAPORE!

Halloween is a festivity that Singaporeans are growing to love more and more. We get to be treated to yearly scare-fests, on top of the Trick-And-Treat adventures in neighbourhoods. Be it full-on hair-raising experience or something more toned-down that the kids will love, here are some Spook-Tacular Events Around Singapore For Halloween 2016 .


download Halloween Horror Nights 6 (HHN6)

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights arguably started the ball rolling for the steady stream of Halloween-themed events in Singapore, and can almost be considered a must-do when the month of October approaches. HHN is on to its sixth consecutive year, and this time, you can look forward to six different themes all over the park – including Old Changi Hospital, Hu Li’s Inn, and this year’s special – the Salem Witch House.

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway
Date & Time: Fri, Oct 14 – Mon, Oct 31, 7:30 PM     Price: S$51 – S$207


Photo Credit: Geek Culture

download *SCAPE Museum of Horrors VI: The Doll Factory

*SCAPE has jumped onto the b andwagon when it comes to haunted houses and frightful events for the Halloween season. This year, get creeped out by the array of freaky, blood-curling “vintage dolls” that are sure to give you nightmares (well, you asked for it). Step into a tour with seven different chambers, complete with shrieking actors.

Venue: *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore
Date & Time: Wed, Oct 26 – Mon, Oct 31, 7:00 PM     Price: S$15


Photo Credit: *SCAPE

download Gotham City in Chaos

Superheroes and villains alike are welcome to Hotel Jen Tanglin’s Rumpoles bar as it transforms into Gotham City. Good or evil, you’ll get to enjoy one-for-one deals and free flow bites such as quinoa chicken rice and chocolate popcorn. There are also plenty of newly launched chocolate bars and hazelnut spreads – not to mention prizes – from Superlife Co to go around.

Venue: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, Orchard
Date & Time: Fri, Oct 28, 7:00 PM     Price: Free


download & SONS Creature of the Night buffet

Calling all creatures of the night – and foodies, too – because &SONS is throwing a feast that promises to be gruesomely good. As an ode to the much-loved halloween icon Jack-o’-Lantern, expect a buffet spread of squash-flavoured dishes such as penne and pumpkin pasta bake, halibut with pumpkin and orange cream, and desserts like pumpkin and chocolate pie. But that’s not all – cocktails served are also given a devilish spin of their own. Fancy a taste of Green Goblins ($12) or Gummy Wormy ($5/shot), maybe?

Venue: & SONS, #01-09, China Square Central, 20 Cross Street, Singapore
Date & Time: Fri, Oct 28, 5:30 PM     Price: S$45/ person


download Battle Royale: Halloween 2016

The Halloween shenanigans at The White Rabbit have moved out of Dempsey into OverEasy Orchard. The all-American diner turns into the ultimate fight club, where bad and badass characters – think Suicide Squad, Chuck Norris and the Power Rangers – fight it out as DJ KFC and DJ KiDG pump out killer beats. And how’s this for an incentive to put in effort for your costume: the best-dressed of the night wins a stay at Amala Villas Ubud, Bali.

Venue: Overeasy, #01-01, Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Rd, Singapore
Date & Time: Sat, Oct 29, 10:00 PM     Price: Free


download Sub-LIME Halloween

Sink your fangs into a bloody good mess of brains, ghouls and eyeballs on the scariest night of the year at LIME’s Halloween-themed gourmet feast. There are all manners of broken limbs, a bloody waterfall fashioned from matcha fondue, and, for a dose of morbidity, RIP pork intestines.

Venue: Lime, 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore
Date & Time: Fri, Oct 28 &  Sat, Oct 29, 6:30 PM     Price: S$30 – S$80


download Thriller in the Park

The undead, a kids zone and a 12-hour party – these are just a few things to expect at this inaugural event, where local DJs take the decks from 11am. Fend off the undead in a zombie maze before dancing away to sets from DJ Rattle, Brendon P (of CÉ LA VI), Kenneth Francis (Kyo) and DJ Rico Smith, among others.

Venue: Fort Canning Park, Fort Canning Rd, Singapore
Date & Time: Sat, Oct 29, 11:00 AM     Price: Free – S$25


download Zouk Halloween 2016: The Scream Diner

It’s a case of whodunit at The Scream Diner, spilling with gory surprises, decadent alcoholic slushies, hunks of hanging meat… and a series of disappearances that all seem tied to one suspect: owner Mr O’Donnell, who’s left a series of clues in a House of Horrors-style experience. Stumble upon torture chambers, O’Donnell’s sacrifice room, the crime scene zone made up of the Zouk main room and Phuture – and, of course, the milkshake bar at Velvet Lounge.

The Scream Diner will treat you right, if you’re game – so dig into a bloody dog ($7), get slightly sloshed with the Barcadi Meat Slashie ($12) and pray you leave in one piece.

Venue: Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St, Singapore
Date & Time: Sat, Oct 29, 10:00 PM     Price: S$33/ Women, S$38/ Men

Free entry for those in full costume, as approved by front of house. Each ticket allows entry to all outlets and two st andard housepours.



download Mutants & Mayhem

Gather your most trusted mates, because you’re gonna need all the help you can get to survive the zombie apocalypse in Mutants and Mayhem at Colony 13. Set after the fictitious fall of Singapore, where mutant cannibal tribes clash for dominance, your squad of five to ten players form Company Mayhem. It’s a ragtag civilian army charged with being the last line of defence of the human race.

And all you have to fight with are a few foam weapons like blasters and axes – and your wits. If you’d rather be a baddie, your team of five can also play as infected mutants to hunt humans – or other mutants. It’s every man, or zombie, for himself.

Venue: 5 Ubi Link, Singapore City
Date & Time: Sat, Oct 15 – Sun, Oct 30, 6:00 PM     Price: S$36 – S$256.48



download Spooky Junior

Spooky Junior returns to Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach. Expect a family-friendly slew of activities to keep the young ones at bay (literally).

Venue: Port of Lost Wonder, 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Singapore
Date & Time: Sat, Oct 29 – Sun, Oct 30, 10:00 AM    Price:  S$15/ child; free for accompanying adults


download Safari Boo

Bring your little ones trick-or-treating this Halloween at the River Safari. This year’s theme of ‘Aliens and Monsters’ is a merry-not-scary fun and colourful event designed specially for kids. Learn about all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures, enjoy live animal presentations and watch a new underwater mermaid musical performance. There are also activity booths for crafting and face painting along with plenty of photo opportunities with alien mascots, a giant crashed alien spaceship and the many animals of the River Safari.

Venue: Singapore River Safari, 80 M andai Lake Rd, Singapore
Date & Time: Fri , Oct 21 – Sun, Oct 30, 6:00 PM   Price:  S$5 – S$22



Get the little ones involved with the Halloween festivities at the Spooky Seas at S.E.A. Aquarium event. Several family-friendly events such as a treasure hunt, underwater show complete with ‘skeleton’ w anderers, and a story-telling session will be scheduled at different times throughout the week. Your kids can even get crafty with Halloween-themed workshops!

Venue: S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
Date & Time: Fri , Oct 14 – Mon, Oct 31, 10:00 AM   Price:  S$15 – S$32


Photo Credit:  Resort World Sentosa