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Town Talk – Sanjukta Ghosh

Dr. Ms. Sanjukta Ghosh
Editor & Publisher of Coherence Magazine / Director – The Radiance Education Limited

KK: When did you first move to Hong Kong and how is our experience of living here? 
SG: I moved to Hong Kong in April 2012. To be honest Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities. I love the brightness and glamour of Asia’s World City and it matches with my personality too. I am quite happy staying here not only because it is multicultural but also because there are lots of scope for our contribution over here in different aspects.

KK: From Scientist to an Entrepreneur – what has your journey been like? 
SG: If I may describe myself then I am basically a workaholic person. So whether it is my scientific research work or whether my business work, I enjoy working. The only criteria is I must be passionate about the work I am doing. After coming to Hong Kong, I worked as an honorary physicist and RA for couple of months and then felt the urge of starting my own company. And “The Radiance Education Limited” was created on Feb 20, 2014. When my husband came back from USA, I informed him that I have started a new company, so he asked me only one question, “How much is the capital?” and with a grin my answer followed ‘Zero’.

KK: Last year you started your own print magazine, Coherence. What prompted you to take such a bold step?
SG: 22nd January 2018, I lost my father Mr. Sanat Kumar Ghosh and that turned my life in a very different angle. I realized then, I should have a life which is actually larger than life where I not only live for myself but I live for others too. I must spread the unity & the positive energy to other people. And I must follow my father’s legacy. Coherence, threading a bond surfaced after many sleepless nights.

KK: You wear so many hats often all at the same time……how do you manage? And what advice will you give to those women who often procrastinate living their dream?
SG: I actually, enjoy handling multiple jobs at a time. Like how computer works, at same time it can browse many sites and also save documents, make a word file and many more. So my brain keeps on doing its job even when I am relaxing in front of TV. Hence, I can’t take too much break as I get terribly bored. In my opinion is ‘if you are procrastinate living your dream and still can sleep at night that means you are not in your real dream you are in day dream! Secondly, I would like to say that there is a very fine line difference between feasibility of your dream and reality. It works well when both are side by side.

KK: Your latest event MUM-E-S-Meet, is in it’s fourth edition. What inspired you to curate it?
SG: For working women, generally the biggest break in life is when they become mums. They have to go through a very big emotional and physical transformation. Many of them cannot come back to the main stream due to lack of support and some feel they have lost their own identity. Hence, by curating this event in a continuous manner I want to encourage mums to overcome their emotional barrier and to give them a genuine platform through my events & magazine. Because the larger view for me being a business woman is to transform the society for better.

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