Menstrual Awareness Day

Let us exposing the taboos and lift the stigma around our physical bodies and our functions as women. We will own our stories in order to become powerful and responsible in our own lives. We are committed to providing empowerment, self-awareness and body-knowledge for women.”

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Who is this For?
This is for women who want to understand why they should care about their periods.

This is for women who want to be even more powerful in their jobs and careers because of their period power and knowledge.

This is for women who love being alive and want to maximize their influence in the world.

This is for women who want to make a difference in the world.

To improve the lives of other women

To improve the health of the planet

This is for people who bleed!

What are you going to learn or walk away with?

You will learn how to empower yourself to own your pain and your story.

You will learn how to reduce the menstrual cramps and irregular cycles

You will learn to understand how to get pregnant and how to avoid pregnancy

You will learn to feel powerful through your cycle.

You will learn to go with your own natural flow of energy

You will learn how your body and brain change throughout your cycle

Who is this not for?

This is not for women who believe that women should remain stigmatized and small.

This is not for no one.

Why should you come?

You should come for greater self-awareness, and body-knowledge.

Create new possibilities for pleasure and self-love

Experience Your Rite of Passage Ceremony to fully embody your Feminine Self

Enjoy networking, snacks and beverages with like-minded women

Receive a goodie bag with your moon calendar, sensual toys, free products and more

DressCode: Ballgowns welcome & all RED clothing, naturally


EVENT VENUE: Alive Wellness, Suite 602, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Yu Yuet Lai Building, Hong Kong

TIME: 5.00PM TO 10.00PM (an entire evening of events)

TICKET PRICE: HKD 230 (EARLY BIRD : HKD $184 until May 21st) – only 100 tickets available!!! (Free Heal Your Period

SPECIAL OFFER – free MAD T-shirt for first 20 tickets sold

Every Guest will receive a Goodie Bag – includes fabulous gifts from Luuna, avawoman, Luna Mama, Sally Coco, and Healthy Matters.

Lights Snacks & Beverages available throughout the evening!!!

  • Playful, bright mood to celebrate the Feminine, our cycles & progress
  • Awareness of how taboo continues and empowerment comes with no more secrets
  • Overcoming our belief in needing to be masculine; different does not mean “less than”

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What is truth-telling around periods?

Women’s stories and truths are often kept secret and are hidden away. In order to save face for the family and for ourselves, we keep our stories silent.

Let us increase Self-Awareness and bravery.

At MAD we will own our stories in order to become powerful and responsible in our own lives. Several women will share their own stories of how they were able to empower themselves after life-changing experiences.

Let us create a safe place and commit to #nomoresecrets?

What does it mean to break taboo?

Women around the world are shamed because of their periods. They are treated differently and need to hide their periods. Bleeding and menstruation and sexuality are considered taboo topics.

There are many areas of our lives where we hide ourselves in order to fit into society.

We have choices as women on how to care for our Menstrual Health. There are options for us to use products that are safer for our body and our planet. However, some women around the world have no choice.

We need to find Empowerment in our stories, our menstrual cycles and our power! Let us exposing the taboos and lift the stigma around our physical bodies and our functions as women.

MAD celebrate our cycles and our progress. How can we act in a way to improve the lives of women? How can we act to improve the health of our planet?

Let’s reduce #periodpoverty and educate women and men around the world about the facts and natural process of periods?

Many women have no idea what is happening when they start to bleed. Over 80% of women in India have no idea what is happening when their period starts. Where is our initiation? Where is the ritual?

How can we begin to take charge of our own menstrual health?


A woman’s body is at the core of her self-expression and enjoyment of life. We believe strongly in giving women the freedom to speak about menstruation. When we stop the shame, secrets and taboo around the female body we give women the strength to live powerfully. When we are filled with knowledge we are able to feel greater power and responsibility. #nomorelimits

How can we begin to take charge of our own menstrual health? What are some solutions to improving our symptoms of pain and other discomfort around our periods? Together we will create a space for ceremony and acknowledgement of our bodies.

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Natural Balance hosts Menstruation Awareness Day event in partnership with Luuna Naturals and the Vibe Tribe

Through Menstrual Awareness Day (MAD) Dr. Katherine Dale, the Vibe Tribe and Luuna Naturals women will teach women to live a powerful life. MAD is to celebrate our cycles and our progress. Through sharing of stories, wisdom, and ceremony we will acknowledge and welcome each other to Empower the Feminine.

Did you know?

  • Women spend an average of 3,000 days (about 8.2 years) of their lives menstruating.
  • The average menstruating person uses 17,000 pads or tampons
  • In 2018, the UN reported the shame, stigma, and misinformation that surround periods can lead to serious health and human rights concerns

The evening will follow the natural circle of a menstrual cycle: from wild woman to crone to maiden to mother.

We will begin our evening with a talk about getting real with our reality and Owning our Story.

As we enter the period phase we will move into empowering others #periodpower with our feminine spirit in the area of business, career and caring for the planet #greenperiod.

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During the pre-ovulatory, Maiden Phase we will consider our need for rites of passage and ceremony in our lives. To heal ourselves we will experience a ritual of acceptance into the world as creators and people who bleed for the earth.

Finally during the ovulatory phase we will look into practical ways to care for, listen to and understand our bodies: with healing from natural medicines, technology and cycle awareness. Knowing our cycles allows us to make knowledgeable decisions about how to find support.

Finally we will celebrate and network by watching a film that exposes and begins to break down the taboo around menstruation in India.


Schedule of Events

5.30- 6.00 Breaking Taboo – Telling our Stories (Vivian McGrath, Karina Calver, and Dr. Katherine Dale)

6.00 – 6.45 Embodying Femine Leadership – Business Success & the Feminine PANEL (Natalie Sommer, Ainslie Young and Corinne Konrad calder)

7.00-7.30 Green Periods and Period Poverty PANEL  – (Tamsin Thornburrow, Olivia Cotes-James, and Zoe Chan)

7.30 – 8.00 Rite of Passage Ceremony (Cheryl Rodriguez, Sherry Yasay, Jill Marshall, Ying Han)

8.00 – 8.45 Knowing Our Bodies: Healing Period Pain Naturally, Chingyi Pau & Luna Mama; Charting Your Cycle, Stephani Ko; Sexual Power & Equality Discussion, Tanya Chou

9.00 – 10.00 Celebrating Our Evolution: Movies (Vibe Tribe, Cristina) & Networking, Movement and Celebration

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About Lununa

LUÜNA naturals is a female-led period care brand. We create chemical-free organic cotton products with a mission to enhance the lives of women and girls in Greater China. Frustrated by outdated narratives that fuel fear, confusion and shame around menstruation, co-founders Olivia Cotes-James and Jing Huang saw an opportunity to create a fresh and honest approach to periods. With an ever-growing community of passionate advocates, they are working to drive open conversation around menstrual health and shift attitudes towards womanhood in the region.

About Natural Balance

Dealing with health challenges can be like a rollercoaster ride. You’re constantly feeling the ups and downs of anxiety, frustration, excitement, helplessness and disappointment. Natural Balance supports you and ensures you feel nurtured, empowered and understood on this transformative journey to health. Natural Balance is committed to creating a unique treatment plan by combining supplements, mindfulness methods and foods to maximize your health.

About Conscious Cinema

Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, The Vibe Tribe

With a passion for storytelling and co-creating, I have merged 20 years of hospitality, brand and event management with holistic business and lifestyle design. Crafting strategic brand storytelling, sales and marketing scope, The Vibe Tribe, consults purposeful businesses with earth friendly brand and communication strategies. Supporting the shift to #brandyourvibe with conscious intent. Nourish and balance by getting to know your brand from the inside out.

About Bright and Beautiful, our Charity

Bright and Beautiful Girl Project (B&B Project) believes that all girls are bright and beautiful because they carry the soul of the universe with beauty and grace. It makes documentaries for girls in rural China on the reality they face, the life they are longing for, and the change they expect. B&B puts a QR code that links to the documentary of the girl on the uniquely designed Tees. By purchasing the story-Tee, people can share the girls’ story via the QR code, which spreads the girls voice and helps raise society’s awareness on educating girls.


Olivia Cotes-James, CEO at LUÜNA naturals

With unwavering transparency, we produce chemical-free organic cotton products that our team personally use and love, alongside content that drives open conversation around menstrual health. By doing this, we create a fresh and honest approach towards periods.

Dr. Katherine Dale, ND @Drkatherinedale

During her 16-year practice as a Naturopath Dr. Katherine Dale, ND has focused on uncovering the mysteries of the female body with a focus on fertility and creativity. In order to remain connected to her natural plant medicines she guides regular moon ceremony and mindfulness meditations.

Natalie Sommer @natasummer

Through her communities, 1:1 + group

coaching, speaking and events Nathalie helps transforming women’s and couples relationships and lives from around the globe, helping them create grand love and epic sex.

Ainslie Young @AinslieYoung

Ainslie Young is a Feminine Embodiment & Business Mentor who is passionate about partnering with female business leaders and showing them how to work smarter not harder, by combining feminine marketing strategies with their inner body wisdom so they too can create successful and sustainable businesses on their own terms.

Corrine Konrad Calder @corrin

As a Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Menstrual Cycle Educator, Soul-based Coach and Birth Doula, she helps and teaches women to connect with themselves, the feminine, the female body and other women, so they once again recognise, value and trust the wisdom and power that they carry within themselves.

Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall is a highly respected and dynamic Movement Specialist with over 16 years’ experience as a Pilates, Yoga and Nia instructor. Jill has the amazing ability to pull together her passion for bio-mechanics and anatomy with her Pilates, Yoga and Nia Dance qualifications to focus on her clients needs.

Chenxi Ouyang, founder of Bright and Beautiful

On a journey around the world, Film-maker Chenxi saw girls in developing countries suffering from child marriage, sex trafficking, and other such atrocities. She began to meditate on how to bring change to the global girl community in a social innovative way. Influenced by the Unreasonable Institute and the documentary Half the Sky, Chenxi embarked on her mission.

Zoe Chan, founder Haperiod  @Happeriod

Zoe has experienced the beauty of reusable sanitary napkins and menstrual cups since 2014, and is committed to promoting alternative menstrual supplies.

Tanya Chou, Yoga Therapist, Shri Yoga @tanyayogatherapy

Shri yoga is a platform founded by two Hong Kong based yoga practitioners. We believe the more we share the more we learn, and what better way to share than having an online platform?

Tasmin Thornburrow, Founder & Eco Warrior at Live Zero

Hong Kong’s First Zero Waste Store! Featuring a ton of plastic-free body care and household products, and a huge selection of daily life products to help you achieve a zero-waste lifestyle. Also featuring bulk food, and refill stations for your daily life products!

Ying Han Cheng @ying.muse

Creator of YUMM (Your Unique Money Momentum), Speaker & Coach for: biz leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, teachers and high performers since 2008.

Viv McGrath @vivmcgrath

For decades, Vivian has been telling other people’s stories. But now she’s also found the courage to tell her own. It’s one many of her friends and colleagues didn’t even know about her. Her book – to be published soon – Unbeatable: How I left a violent man is her memoir as a survivor of domestic violence.

Karina Calver, Author @veganlovecoach

A traveler at heart, Karina is intrigued by the world around her and indulges in many interests. Karina Calver is a survivor of incest. She shares her story of enduring rape and how she has turned her life around to become the woman she is today.

Vera Tui, Sally Coco

Since 2011 Sally Coco has been offering the world’s best intimate lifestyle products to Hong Kong. Their professional team of Intimate Stylists have helped thousands to explore possibilities and pleasures in their intimate lifestyles.

Stephanie Ko, Senior Country Manager, Ava Women @avawomen_hk

Tech Entrepreneur and Investor. Ava’s technology initial product consists of a sophisticated sensor bracelet, an app and a powerful backend with self-learning algorithms for interpretation of hormonal changes, accurate ovulation tracking and screening of women’s health issues.

Cheryl Rodriguez, Gong Performer @cheriko_wellnessnomad

An internationally mobile communications and marketing professional with experience in internal communications, social media, press relations, events, people engagement and corporate philanthropy. I apply passion, creativity, integrity and an analytical approach to brand building and employee/client engagement objectives.

Unleash your Feminine Power in your Business and Career


Raise awareness of #periodpoverty, #nomoresecrets, #nomorelimits


“Cultural stigma and taboos around menstruation… combined with an overall culture of silence around the topic limit the ability of women and girls to fully and equally participate.” – World Bank

The silence that surrounds incest survivors can make them feel isolated, by sharing my story others will know they are not alone.

Karina Kalver

Join Your Rites of Passage Ritual to embody your Feminine


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