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Public Event 8, Sep-2021

My Voice – Realign – Redefine – Restore Your Life

 Have you ever felt unbearably you? So out of alignment, that you lost sight of your passion and your purpose in life? For far too...

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Public Event 11, Aug-2021

My Voice – Living Life In The Moment

We can't change the past. And we certainly cannot predict the future. Which means the present is the only time any of us has for...

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Public Event 28, Jul-2021

My Voice – How To Gain Positive Free Publicity

In today's day and age having a great product, service or message is not enough for people to know about you. Publicity gives you CREDIBILITY,...

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Public Event 14, Jul-2021

#MyVoice Book Launch Event

#MyVoice Our voices are one of our most valuable possessions. It is an essential tool for communicating with the world around us. It can be...

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Public Event 30, Jun-2021

My Voice – How To Live A Fulfilled Life

Most people believe Success = Fulfilment. Yet many successful people do not feel fulfilled. Why is that? Well, both Success & Fulfilment are a state...

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Public Event 16, Jun-2021

My Voice – How To Live A Fearless Life

There is a saying - Once You Become Fearless, Life is Limitless. Overcoming fear requires a growth mindset; an attitude that we can change and...

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Public Event 2, Jun-2021

My Voice – Women & Leadership

Women and Leadership is a powerful reminder that there is no limit to what women can accomplish when we have the chance. Women are powerful agents of...

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Public Event 12, May-2021

My Voice – Entrepreneurship and Employability

Everyone wants to become significant in life. It is an inner desire which every human being deeply harbors within them. No one enjoys the humiliation...

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Public Event 21, Apr-2021

My Voice – Facing Life Challenges with Purpose & Positivity

There’s power in positivity. In fact, it’s proven to help you live longer. But imagine a healthy person suddenly being told, she has stage 4...

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    20, Sep- 2021 RSVP

    My Voice – Thriving through Uncertain Times

    Times of uncertainty can make us anxious especially when we are unclear on which way to turn in our lives. Instead, inculcating the practice of...

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    06, Sep- 2021 SELLING

    My Voice Forum Global 2021

    MY VOICE FORUM GLOBAL 2021 For centuries women around the world have put the needs of others before themselves. They have made tremendous amounts of...