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Public Event 23, Nov-2022

My Voice Forum Global 2022 – SPEAK UP BE HEARD

MY VOICE FORUM GLOBAL 2022 In 2015, world leaders placed gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls at the heart of the 2030...

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Public Event 25, Nov-2022

Networking Session – My Voice Forum Global 2022

& Invite you to MY VOICE FORUM GLOBAL 2022 - NETWORKING SESSION Event Date: 25th November 2022, Friday Event Time: 6PM-9PM SGT Event Venue: Highlander...

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Public Event 5, Oct-2022

Shaken, Stirred But Not Deterred Book Launch Event

Join us for the global launch of Shaken, Stirred But Not Deterred on the 5th October - Meet the amazing 20 co-authors of the book and...

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Public Event 26, Jul-2022

My Voice – Releasing the Blocks to Becoming a BestSeller Author

Have you been procrastinating writing a book, giving yourself and the world various reasons for not doing it? Do you feel shame, guilt and regret...

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Public Event 21, Jun-2022

Write, Publish & Launch your Amazon No.1 Bestseller Book (Part 2)

 Have you always dreamt of Writing Your Own Book? Is there an Unfinished Manuscript collecting dust in your cupboard? Do you aspire to be Seen...

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Public Event 8, Jun-2022

#MyVoice Book – Vol.5 Launch Event

Join us for the global launch of #MyVoice Vol. 5 on the 8th June - Meet the amazing 20 co-authors of the book and hear about...

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Public Event 7, Jun-2022

My Voice – A Shift From WHY ME to YES ME

We all know that stress makes us age faster, and has a huge impact on our health. More recently, researchers have identified that a way...

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Public Event 24, May-2022

How To Build Your Digital Influence – Top 3 Secrets To Shine Online

👉🏼 Are you struggling with the time and energy it takes to build your online visibility? 👉🏼 Are you tired of being invisible online while...

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Public Event 10, May-2022

My Voice – Feng Shui For Home Office

Working from home is the new normal. And there are lots of ways to make your work environment more inviting and productive be it at...

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