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Networking Events 23, Dec-2020

My Voice – Developing Generational Empathy To Deal With Adolescents

Parenting is no easy feat whatever the age of kids may be. And today’s generation gap is making things even harder. It’s causing parental estrangement,...

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Public Event 9, Dec-2020

My Voice – Unlock Your Wonder Woman

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.” - Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman movie Invites you on Wednesday 9th...

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Public Event 18, Nov-2020

Women Empowerment Forum Global 2020

Women Empowerment Forum Global 2020 brings together 30 world-class Speakers & Panelists from around the globe in a 3 half-day forum from 18th Nov to 20th...

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Networking Events 11, Nov-2020

My Voice – Emotional Healing – Guided Process to Heal & Let Go

We all experience some degree of emotional distress in many different ways. Be it sadness, anxiety, stress, physical ailments, pain, boredom, anger, agitation and more....

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Corporate Events 5, Nov-2020

Understanding Market Expectations Post-US Election & The World in 2021

DID YOU KNOW: Investing in an asset, based in a different geographical location to where an investor is resident or domiciled, known as " SITUS...

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Networking Events 21, Oct-2020

MY VOICE: Declutter Your Mindset – The Key to Staying Focused & Achieving More

Amid these uncertain times, are your thoughts and lifestyle getting out of your control?  Do you feel: Stuck in a spiral of overthinking and lost focus? Overwhelmed...

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Networking Events 7, Oct-2020

My Voice – Reveal Your Inner Queen

Do you remember that amazing feeling when you first meet someone, and the attraction is sky-high? And now you are sitting around waiting for that elusive moment...

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Networking Events 23, Sep-2020

My Voice – Session 10

A woman’s body is at the core of her self-expression and enjoyment of life. Yet for centuries we have been hiding behind closed doors when...

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Networking Events 9, Sep-2020

My Voice – Session 9

We all have an opinion or a view or simply a thought about things that happen around us or to us. Sometimes we think about...

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    05, May- 2021 RSVP

    My Voice – Entrepreneurship and Employability

    Everyone wants to become significant in life. It is an inner desire which every human being deeply harbors within them. No one enjoys the humiliation...