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My Voice Forum Global 2022 – SPEAK UP BE HEARD

November 23rd to 25th, 2022




Are we heading towards Gender Equal World?? Imagine a world free of any discrimination, or bias. An Equitable world by breaking the stereotypes and creating a space where everyone’s voice can be heard and can speak their mind.

At My Voice Forum Global 2022 you will discover the new ERA, as we talk about creating a paradigm shift for women and giving them the opportunity to Speak Up and Be Heard. 

Through 30 world class Speakers & Panelists – the Change Makers from around the globe, with each topic well curated and researched, providing attendees with a thought-provoking and interactive platform to exchange views and reflect upon overcoming challenges faced by women to achieve their personal best.  

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We can’t change history but we can come together to change our future. So “Choose to Challenge” at this year’s My Voice Forum Global 2022. Ask your questions, network and share experiences in a cohesive, collaborative and interactive setting. Discover your own potential and make an impact that counts. *Attending delegates to receive “Certificate of Participation”.



Kit Kat Events & Marketing have been at the forefront of empowering women through their series of events, forums, panels focused on creating a safe space for like-minded women to come together, engage in and discuss pressing issues related to Women, share responsibility and make a difference, turn challenges into inspiration, and ultimately provide much-needed support to make life happen on their terms.


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Please Note: The timings shown below are in Singapore/ Hong Kong Time (GMT+8). Kindly check the time in your city/country before attending.

Day 1

Wed, Nov 23

Day 2

Thu, Nov 24

Day 3

Fri, Nov 25

Day 1

 04:00 PM

Welcome Remarks

10 minutes

 04:10 PM

Panel Discussion - Time to Break the Bias: Moderator - Mette Johansson | Panelists - Shari Van Cleave, Aradhna Dayal, Kripa Patel & Meenakshi SP

50 minutes

 5.05 PM

Panel Discussion - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Matters (DEI): Moderator - Lakshmi Murlidharan | Panelists - Christina Themar, Rasyida S. Paddy, Ruchira Raj & Ghenwa Habbal

50 minutes

 06.00 PM

Panel Discussion - From Surviving to Thriving – How the Pandemic has Changed Lives: Moderator - Dr. Neera Gupta | Panelists - Gina Marescia, Kiran Robinson, Valerie Chow & Kristy-Ann Waugh

50 minutes

 06.50 PM

Closing Remarks

5 minutes

Day 2

 04:00 PM

Welcome Remarks

10 minutes

 04:10 PM

Panel Discussion - Redefining the Role of Women in our Society: Moderator - Divya Anand | Panelists - Dr. Noura Al Obeidli, Kelly L. Kuhn, Mukta Arya & Princess Nwakego Ibrahim-Pam

50 minutes

 05.05 PM

Panel Discussion - Building a New Paradigm for Women – How Can Men Help: Moderator - Aldwyn Altuney| Panelists - Vikas Srivastava, Radhika Unni, Elena Liapounova, Thato Belang & Claude Sassoulas.

50 minutes

 06:00 PM

Panel Discussion - Importance of Mentorship & Community Building: Moderator - Joanna James | Panelists - Ramya Bhaskar, Shikha Sarkar, Eva Tasse & Neetha Sanjay

50 minutes

 06:50 PM

Closing Remarks

5 minutes

Day 3

 04:00 PM

Welcome Remarks

10 minutes

 04:10 PM

My Journey, My Story, My Voice - Moderator - Dr. Neera Gupta | Panelists - Dr. Nosheen, Bindu Sanganee, Mawada Alwazir, Nashya Haider, Angela Hancock, Tidimalo Shabalala, Michelle Harris, Leigh-Anne Sharland, Binu Balan, Julie Aswani, Mahal Rajan

1 hour 10 minutes

 05.20 PM

Closing Note

10 minutes


Our Charismatic Inspirational Panelists & Moderator

Mette Johansson (Singapore)

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer, Coach

Shari Van Cleave (Singapore)

Global Head of Commercialization and Client Experience for Standard Chartered Bank

Aradhna Dayal (Hong Kong)

Founder and CEO of Access Alts Asia

Kripa Patel (Singapore)

Life & Wellness Coach | Pranic Healer

Meenakshi SP (Singapore)

Director - Digital Strategy & Client Engagement Head Citi Private Bank

Lakshmi Murlidharan (Singapore)

Director Client solutions APAC - Cielo Talent

Christina Themar (Hong Kong)

Partnerships Director, Common Purpose | Founder and Director, Next Chapters

Rasyida Samsudin Paddy (Singapore)

Women in Tech Communities Leader & Amazon Bestseller Author

Ghenwa Habbal (Lebanon)

Global HR/Talent Leader

Ruchira Raj (Singapore)

Coach, Consultant, Board Advisor & Psychotherapist-in-Training

Divya Anand (Singapore)

General Manager – Marketing, APAC, Tata Communications

Dr Noura Al Obeidli (United Arab Emirates)

Humanities Research Fellow at New York University Abu Dhabi

Kelly L. Kuhn (United Kingdom)

Advisor to CWT and McChrystal group as well as a Non-Executive Director

Mukta Arya (Hong Kong)

Managing Director, Chief Human Resources Officer, APAC, Societe Generale

Princess Nwakego Ibrahim-Pam (Nigeria)

Author and Founder PetraSpeech Early Childhood Developmental/ EPBWN CONSULTANTS

Aldwyn Altuney (Australia)

Media Queen, TV host, Speaker & Author

Vikas Srivastava (Singapore)

Country Manager at Quess Singapore

Radhika Unni (Singapore)

Fierce advocate of DEI | Woman in Cloud| Aspiring Writer| Managing Director at Accenture

Claude Sassoulas (France)

Transformational and Scale-up Leader

Thato Belang (South Africa)

TEDx Speaker, a Leadership and Authenticity Coach

Elena Liapounova (United States)

Executive AI+ Biotech Recruiting

Joanna James (Australia)

Founder and Chief Ambassador for the Successful Woman.

Ramya Bhaskar (Singapore)

Program Manager, Mentor & Co-Author

Neetha Sanjay (Singapore)

Certified Life & Career Coach, Best Seller Author

Shikha Sarkar (Singapore)

Co-Founder of Global Influencers Publishing House

Eva Taase (Australia)

Data driven Change Manager | Lifelong learner | Passionate Volunteer

Dr. Neera Gupta (Singapore)

Chief Visionary Officer/ Founder at Global Influencers Publishing House

Gina Marescia (Hong Kong)

Leadership Catalyst, Facilitator & Coach

Kiran Robinson (Luxembourg)

Author, advisor, mentor and speaker

Valerie Chow (Singapore)

Speaker on Change & Growth | Trainer & Coach | Amazon Best Seller Author

Kristy-Ann Waugh (Australia)

Founder, Master Coach and Therapist | International Speaker | Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Dr. Nosheen Taqvi (Pakistan)

CEO/Founder Nutradvice

Bindu Sanganee (India)

ACA | Law of Attraction Coach | Global Keynote Speaker | Author

Mawada Alwazir (Saudi Arabia)

ICF PCC Executive/ Life Coach, mBraining Coach, NLP, Positive Intelligence

Angela Hancock (United Kingdom)

Founder of angelahancock.com | NLP Master Practitioner | Clinical Integrated Hypnotherapist

Mahal Rajan (Singapore)

Founder of MetaDestiny Pte Ltd | Speaker | Trainer | Author

Nashya Haider (Singapore)

Consultant, Investor, Author

Tidimalo Shabalala (Hong Kong)

Owner of Tidi Consulting Limited- Hong Kong

Leigh-Anne Sharland (Australia)

Thought Leader | Business & Data Intelligence | Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Coach | Author

Julie Aswani (Hong Kong)

High School Teacher, Counsellor & Motivational Speaker

Michelle Harris (Hong Kong)

Founder at Michelle Harris International

Binu Balan (Singapore)

B2B Matchmaking | Strategy Implementation | Retail Leadership


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