As parents we struggle with what’s right and what’s not for our children. Learn more about mindful parenting and how to deal with children and young adults.

Date: 20th February 2017
Time: 8.00- 9.00PM
Venue: Diamond Ballroom,Celestial Heights
11 Celestial Avenue, 80 Sheung Shing St. Ho Man Tin

Event Location

Event Location

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    30, Oct- 2023 SELLING

    My Voice Forum Hong Kong 2023

    "Everyone creates and retells their own narrative. And through it, if you are able to make a lasting impression for future generations, that is what matters." After 3 years Global Influencers Publishing House & Kit Kat Events and Marketing are back in Hong Kong for #MyVoice.

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    09, Jun- 2021 RSVP

    My Voice – How To Live A Fearless Life

    There is a saying - Once You Become Fearless, Life is Limitless. Overcoming fear requires a growth mindset; an attitude that we can change and grow if we want. Nothing is “locked in” forever.  It takes time and practice to be a part of change..

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    09, Dec- 2021 RSVP

    #MyVoice Book – Vol. 3 Launch Event

    Join us for the global launch of #MyVoice Vol. 3 on the 23rd of Dec - Meet the amazing 20 co-authors of the book and hear about their Journeys of Self discovery & Resilience. Who knows one of their stories could be just like yours.....