My Voice – Session 10

A woman’s body is at the core of her self-expression and enjoyment of life.

Yet for centuries we have been hiding behind closed doors when it comes to talking about our menstruation. When will we stop the shame, the secrets and taboo around the female body and give women the strength to live powerfully? Invites you on Wednesday 23rd Sept, 6PM-7 PM SGT & HKT via Zoom* to

“MY VOICE: Code Red – Menstruation Decoded”

Let us learn how we can take charge of our own menstrual health? What are some solutions to improving our symptoms of pain and other discomfort around our periods in natural ways? Debunk the myths and fears around menopause. And did you think menstrual hygiene is an issue only for developing countries, think again!  

Join Meenu Agarwal, as she exposes the taboos and lifts the stigma around our functions as women. Why we don’t need to suffer anymore. How we can minimize adverse consequences through the right nutrition. And more!

Together we will create a space for ceremony and acknowledgement of our bodies. And celebrate our cycles and our progress. 

*A Zoom link will be shared with the registered attendees via email prior to the event. We can only allow limited guests to join, as it’s an interactive session with audio & video. There is no charge to attend this and the purpose is to simply share opinions and views with each other.


About The Speaker

Meenu Agarwal is a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Singapore running her nutrition practise, for the last 5 years and served more than 5000 clients all parts of the world: USA, Hongkong, Africa, India, Dubai, South America, Australia, Europe, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE, with offices in India & Singapore. She has a master degree in Clinical Dietetics and food science with experience working in government hospitals and the private sector, advising clients on how to improve health, fight medical conditions with the right food, nutrition and lifestyle choices. She specialise in weight management, medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, acidity, arthritis, PCOD, IBS, nutrition support for pregnancy, menopause, children and sports.


What is “MY VOICE”

We all have an opinion or a view or simply a thought about things that happen around us or to us. Sometimes we think about it, at times we speak about it, and perhaps even take action but most times we do nothing. And that’s ok. But what if we had a safe space for minds to meet, where we could talk about things that matter to us, listen to each other, learn from our own self?

My Voice is a platform where we can do all of this and more, through a series of online discussions with like-minded women. Where we can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree but without any judgement. And together we shall embark on a new journey, each week with an interesting & thought-provoking topic that touches us!


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Event Location

Event Location

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