My Voice – How To Live A Fulfilled Life

Most people believe Success = Fulfilment. Yet many successful people do not feel fulfilled. Why is that? Well, both Success & Fulfilment are a state of being. Where at one hand Success, is an “outer game; Fulfilment is more of an “inner game”. And therefore feeling fulfilled has nothing to do with one being successful. Success is a rather relative term; it is not a destination but something that one “becomes”. One can feel fulfilled without being successful but if one cannot feel successful without feeling fulfilled. In fact, research shows that 85% of fulfilment comes from non-material things.

Invites you to a virtual event on Wednesday 30th June 6PM-7 PM SGT & HKT / 3:30 PM-4:40PM (IST) 


In this week’s session listen to our speaker, Bindu Sanganee share some of the traits of people living an unfulfilled life as opposed to those who live a fulfilled one. Bindu will also discuss what are the FOUR areas that one has to “sort out” in order to find fulfilment:

  • You
  • Things You Do 
  • Proximity (People & Relationships)
  • Contribution

*A Zoom link will be shared with the registered attendees via email prior to the event. We can only allow limited guests to join, as it’s an interactive session with audio & video. There is no charge to attend this and the purpose is to simply share opinions and views with each other. P.S These sessions are not recorded.


Bindu Sanganee is a Global keynote speaker, a Transformation coach, and an Author. A Qualified Chartered Accountant with 20 years of corporate experience, turned Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner, she has created the world-class Butter In, Bitter Out (BIBO) Framework.

Bindu is a living embodiment of someone who fought her fears, discrimination & limiting beliefs to qualify as a Chartered Accountant, after having experienced failure for 4 consecutive years. Known amongst her peers as an epitome of sheer grit and resilience, she is a Graduate on the Curriculum for living from Landmark Worldwide (2006).

Bindu’s genius lies in her simplicity & her ability to keep her life simple. She recognises that self-love is the starting point for any transformation including the journey to living a “Liberated & Fulfilled” Life.

What is “MY VOICE”

We all have an opinion or a view or simply a thought about things that happen around us or to us. Sometimes we think about it, at times we speak about it, and perhaps even take action but most times we do nothing. And that’s ok. But what if we had a safe space for minds to meet, where we could talk about things that matter to us, listen to each other, learn from our own self?

My Voice is a platform where we can do all of this and more, through a series of online discussions with like-minded women. Where we can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree but without any judgement. And together we shall embark on a new journey, each week with an interesting & thought-provoking topic that touches us!

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Event Location

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