My Voice – Reveal Your Inner Queen

Do you remember that amazing feeling when you first meet someone, and the attraction is sky-high? And now you are sitting around waiting for that elusive moment when you suddenly feel the spark. But instead you just have to settle for the Birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day sex and put your intimacy needs on hold for the rest of the year.

Invites you on Wednesday 7th October, 6PM-7 PM SGT & HKT / 3:30 PM-4:40PM (IST) via Zoom to


In this week’s session, we’re talking to Sex and Relationship coach Valentina Tudose from Happy Ever After on why she’s meeting more women than men who want more sex in their relationships and how she helps them get exactly the sex life they dream of.

We’re going to talk about desire and intimacy, hormones and getting in the mood. Learn how to restore the connection and get back to feeling truly wanted. Find out how you can reignite the spark and feel the divine power in you through meditation. And of course have all your questions that you couldn’t ask before …… answered.

After all, “love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”.

*A Zoom link will be shared with the registered attendees via email prior to the event. We can only allow limited guests to join, as it’s an interactive session with audio & video. There is no charge to attend this and the purpose is to simply share opinions and views with each other. P.S These sessions are not recorded.”



Valentina Tudoseis Hong Kong’s leading Transformational Relationship Coach, Sexpert and a popular TEDx Speaker. She was nicknamed ‘The Real Queen Maker’ because she is passionate about helping women uncover the most empowered version of themselves: ‘Their Inner Queen’. She is a real-life combination of Carrie Bradshaw, with her regular sex column in Marie Claire magazine, and the sex-positive, adventurous Samantha Jones. She is frequently featured in South China Morning Post, RTHK Radio shows and popular podcasts like Hong Kong Confidential, and Better in Bed. Her TEDx talk on ‘Embracing Unconditional Love’ is one of the most popular talks of all Hong Kong speakers with over 20000 views in just one week of publication. 


What is “MY VOICE”

We all have an opinion or a view or simply a thought about things that happen around us or to us. Sometimes we think about it, at times we speak about it, and perhaps even take action but most times we do nothing. And that’s ok. But what if we had a safe space for minds to meet, where we could talk about things that matter to us, listen to each other, learn from our own self?

My Voice is a platform where we can do all of this and more, through a series of online discussions with like-minded women. Where we can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree but without any judgement. And together we shall embark on a new journey, each week with an interesting & thought-provoking topic that touches us!


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Event Location

Event Location

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