My Voice – Who Says Women Can’t Manage Finances

We all know when women put their minds to something they can move the earth! So why is it when it comes to financial matters we often shy away from it? Perhaps we always saw the men in our lives handle it or we just too much on our plate that we couldn’t be bothered. 

No one can disagree, managing money in the midst of life’s other priorities is no easy task. But today more than ever women need to learn to manage their family’s and their own finances. One of the things we have learnt in the last one year is how unpredictable life has become. And therefore the need  to be ready for any eventuality. 

Invites you on Wednesday 24th February, 6PM-7 PM SGT & HKT / 3:30 PM-4:40PM (IST) via Zoom to


In this week’s session, we’re talking to Jagariti Mathur, an experienced finance professional and Chartered Accountant, who will be talking about what it means to be financially literate and why is it important especially for women to do financial planning. She will also touch base upon the various tools for financial planning  along with the considerations to help us to take our financial decisions effectively.

*A Zoom link will be shared with the registered attendees via email prior to the event. We can only allow limited guests to join, as it’s an interactive session with audio & video. There is no charge to attend this and the purpose is to simply share opinions and views with each other. P.S These sessions are not recorded.


Jagariti Mathur is an experienced finance professional, CA from India, and Associate Management Accountant( Australia). She moved to Singapore 10 yrs ago with Barclays as a product controller (Investment Banking) and later moved to an IT company as a Finance Manager. In 2016 she started her first Accounting and Consultancy Firm ‘R Accounting Solutions’, in Singapore. Through her core planning and analytical skills, strong interpersonal communication and high attention to detail, she has helped several individuals and companies with their financial and accounting needs. She is philanthropist at heart and has been associated with organizations like SINDA, IWA (Indian Women Association Singapore), and CDAC. She has a special interest in Women empowerment and has run several sessions to empower women through financial literacy.

What is “MY VOICE”

We all have an opinion or a view or simply a thought about things that happen around us or to us. Sometimes we think about it, at times we speak about it, and perhaps even take action but most times we do nothing. And that’s ok. But what if we had a safe space for minds to meet, where we could talk about things that matter to us, listen to each other, learn from our own self?

My Voice is a platform where we can do all of this and more, through a series of online discussions with like-minded women. Where we can agree, disagree, or agree to disagree but without any judgement. And together we shall embark on a new journey, each week with an interesting & thought-provoking topic that touches us!

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Global Financial Consultant is an established independent Financial Advisor in Singapore, who takes pride in themselves on creating financial solutions to best suit your needs along with protecting you from any unexpected financial distress. They offer an unbiased and transparent service by combining investment strategy advice with a proactive investment management approach.

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Event Location

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